The emotional side

Most people see the elephant as the problem, but in successful change efforts, the elephant was engaged as a driving force.

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Find the feeling

Sometimes your emotional elephant wins over your analytical rider. The key to effective change is getting the elephant and the rider moving together. Therefore you will need to motivate the elephant along the path. First of all, find the feeling.


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The best way to get the elephant moving in the right direction when demotivated is to create a strong positive feeling.


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Shrink the change

Make it easier with small wins that you can achieve. 

Break the path into smaller, easily digested pieces so that your elephant feels successful as he realizes small but meaningful accomplishments along the way.


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Grow your people

Engage people’s emotions, appeal to their better qualities so that it begins with small, visible victories that create hope to motivate the elephant. 
During times of change, teach people that the mind is not fixed, but rather like a muscle that can learn new things, grow and adapt.




Find the bright spots

Script the critical moves

Point to the destination



Tweak the evironment

Build habits

Rally the herd